We achieve practicability and an attractive appearance by using premium materials in a combination that best suits your personal taste, so both you and your patients can feel comfortable in your working environment. Your patients will appreciate the attention you paid to the interior design of your medical practice and will feel welcome.

We manufacture furniture for dental laboratories, sterilization rooms, chemical, microbiological and other laboratories. The furniture, completely suited to your needs and working methods, provides a comfortable environment and increases your work satisfaction. The premium materials we use for manufacturing furniture are Kerrock sheets, HPL sheets, INOX sheets, coated moisture-resistant particle boards and similar materials. If you want, we can also supply appliances and other fittings.

The primary requirement of medical facilities is sterility. That is why we use materials with characteristics that help uphold the highest hygiene requirements. One such material is Kerrock, a universal material for work surfaces that offers high mechanical resistance, is non-porous and impermeable to water, and gives surfaces a lastingly fresh appearance. The Kerrock medical programme offers work surfaces, whose molecular structure mechanically destroys bacteria and prevents them for from evolving further and thus ensures the highest level of hygiene. Although the surfaces made of Kerrock materials are sterile, they offer a wide variety of colors and patterns and bring lots of warmth and vibrancy to the interior.

Kerroch claddings for clean rooms

Kerrock wall claddings are designed to provide high quality wall claddings, ceiling claddings, installation of doors, electrical connections and connections for technical gases. They are laminated with high quality durable elastic adhesives. The contacts between the walls and between the final covering and the walls are smooth, hemispherical, making them easy to clean and maintain. The joints between the panels are sealed with an elastic antibacterial silicon compound.

What KERROCK treated surfaces offer:

  • Bacteriostatic characteristics.
  • Impact-resistance.
  • They allow regular cleaning and disinfection with all disinfectants used in healthcare.
  • Eventual damages can easily be remedied.
  • A choice of non-lustrous colors.
  • The surfaces are washable and air tight.

Our references:

Sankt Gertrauden Hospital Berlin, Germany

Emergency Center Brežice, Slovenia

Emergency Center Celje, Slovenia

Emergency Center Izola, Slovenia

General Hospital Novo mesto, Slovenia

General Hospital Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia

Institute of Oncology Ljubljana, Slovenia

Health Center Slovenska Bistrica, Slovenia

Pharmacy Duplek Maribor, Slovenia

Clinical Center Split, Croatia

GKB 24, Twentyfourth City hospital, Russia

Central Clinical hospital of Federal custom service, Russia

Clinical department of Russian medicine scientific Academy, Russia

Federal National Institute, Russia

Celjske lekarne, Pharmacy Rogaška, Slovenia

Ljubljanske lekarne, Pharmacy Škofljica, Slovenija

Pharmacy Slavonski Brod, Croatia

Notol 2, Krka, d. d., Novo mesto, Slovenia

Hotel Bellevue, health programme, Mali Lošinj, Croatia

Health Center Novo mesto, Slovenia

University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Department of Haematology, Slovenia